From Neville Coventry

“The language you use here is really cool. Very unique, and it definitely paints a picture. Nice!”

“As I read your bio, I finally realized how I defined the style in my mind: as snapshots. (clearly – images and words are the cornerstone of your creative vision!) I imagined just scrolling through this as if it was Pinterest, with one snapshot representing each line.”

“I love your style, your wit shines through in what you write. You are the non-serious, creative side, the wild woman I keep hidden (but who’s lived and loved, and laughed) as I try to figure all this serious stuff out. Love it!”

“If “elucidative” isn’t a real word, it ought to be. Thanks for the windstorm of creativity that went into this. It was energizing and inspiring to me.”

“This was the part that made me want to read your work: the misfits, the dispossessed, the broken, the secretive ones, the decadents, the philosophisers and artists, the avant-garde and sometimes the deadly dull. I like the way you play with words…philosophisers instead of philosophers, for example. Speaks volumes.”

“I, too, really resonate with your specific purpose, and the beautiful way you describe it. Your creative way of seeing the world is certainly inspiring and moving and makes me want to know Jane the writer more.”

“Still, I love the large canvas of your creativity. Thank you.”

“I like how you painted that picture, I climbed up into the attic and poured some wine in my mind as I read it!”  (It’s awfully early for wine though!)

“You entertain me, titillate me, and draw me in. I too liked the attic scene with the wine and yes, it’s never too early for wine although I do discipline myself until after the “work of the day” is done.”

“Okay, this is great: Your Power Lives In the Stories You Tell”

“I said it before: your photography is so vibrant and gripping on your site.”

“You are so creative and have so much going on in your writing world!”